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Facial Surgery

Face lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure that involves redirecting some of the skin and muscle tissue of the face and neck to counter signs of aging produced by gravity.


The point of face lifting is that we put the slack skin and fat tissue back to their original position, fix them and after the removal of the redundant skin area we stretch the face skin and so wrinkles disappear.

The result highly depends on the skin quality of the patient but in general is at least ten years of rejuvenation.


During the operation the cut goes hidden by the hair from the temple across the scalp. We drive it in front of the ear and it goes behind the ear under earlobes. Here it goes as far as the middle line of the ear and goes to the nape also hidden by the hair.


After we stretch the face skin and remove the redundant skin area. We close the cut with the finest thread and with stitches driven under the skin.


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