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Breast Surgery


Breast lifting:

Congenital feature, the result of pregnancy or remarkable weight loss. In the case of breasts with big volumes after a while as a result of the weak connective tissue breast can get into a floppy position.

We can correct – upon demand – the position of breasts with lifting when we put the nipples into an upper position and remove the redundant skin area.



Breast enlargement:

Breast enlargement for aesthetic reason is one of the most frequently executed plastic surgery operation. During the operation an implant is used in order to increase the volume of the breasts and form a more beautiful breast shape.


Is breast enlargement right for me?

We understand how you feel and that you might be thinking about breast surgery because:

  • You want to increase your breasts’ size so that they suit your frame better
  • Your boobs have lost their fullness as a result of you losing weight or having a baby
  • Your breasts are uneven or you may have breast asymmetry and it’s making you feel self-conscious.



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