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Dental Microscope and Root Canal Treatment


Root Canal Treatment - Endodontic Therapy

Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic Therapy) is a sequence of dental surgical procedures carried out to eliminate the infected blood vessels and nerves (known as the pulp) in a tooth’s root canal system to isolate the root filling from further bacterial infection with a post and core or cement filling. Occasionally a crown is also used to cover the post and core although it does not need a crown to function.

The most noticeable symptoms of an abscess are a constant dull to severe pain and also sensitivity when biting pressure is applied and/or a fistula,if a root canal treatment is not carried out the infection can spread and the tooth will need to be extracted.


The endodontic specialist at Csano's Esthetica will always try, wherever possible, to retain your natural teeth.

Endodontic Specialist

All dentists receive rot canal training at university, however, to sucessfully complete root canal treatment, considerable skill and patience is required.

Endodontistry is a speciality within dentistry which requires additional years of training.

Dr.Melinda Szalantzy

"The main points of my activity are to preserve teeth and to solve difficult endodoncy cases, keeping up with the newest opportunities of modern medicine."

What techniques do we use?

A Labomed PRIMA DNT dental microscope is used which allows up to 30x magnification. This microscope is so precise it is capable of showing minute details which are not normally visible to the naked eye.

The detailed analysis provided allows for a detailed diagnosis and affords a better foundation for high quality assessment and care.This approach uses advanced techniques to produce the best results.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

First the dentist cleans and disinfects the root(s) and implants a medicinal filling. In most cases to help ensure the success of the treatment your dentist will usually allow a healing period before he removes the gutta percha temporary filling. The dentist will then clean the area again before the root is closed with either a permanent cement filling or, more often, a crown.

In many cases infection in the bone tissue at the apex of the root of the tooth will heal naturally however medication can also be administered as required

How much is the root canal treatment at Csano's Esthetica in Budapest?


Root Canal Treatment per Canal £70.00 £250.00 £180

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Long Term Outlook

A properly treated and restored root canal will last for many years. At Csano's Esthetica 97.8% of patients had retained their teeth for more than 5 years following the procedure.

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