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Why Hungary?


It’s a good question isn’t it? I would ask myself the same thing if I thought I could get the same quality of service for a similar, affordable price at home.


The idea of dental and plastic surgery tourism is mostly based on saving money. Some patients are a little anxious about travelling abroad for a treatment whereas others are quite the opposite. They see it as part procedure, part holiday, particularly in a beautiful city like Budapest which has its own particular charm. Not to mention very high standards when it comes to medical care.


Our partner clinics are well prepared and are used to dealing with patients from the UK, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden as well as other worldwide locations. All of the medical professionals speak fluent English and other languages.

Hungary is one of the flagship countries for health tourism with dentistry being of a particularly high standard. Hungarian dentists and plastic surgeons are as well trained and as experienced as their UK/US counterparts but are much more affordable. In fact the costs are so competitive that you could fly to Budapest, undergo a treatment, take time to enjoy the city and still save considerably when compared to your treatment costs back home as an increasing number of patients are finding out!


Advanced dental treatments, modern up to date facilities as well as premier visitor attractions make Budapest an excellent choice for your dental or surgical procedure. 


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