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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I organize my trip?
Csano`s Esthetica will help you make all arrangements for your stay and dental treatments. For a description of the services we offer, please visit the links under services.


Where can I stay?
Csano`s Esthetica offers a choice of hotels. We have negotiated special rates which are available when booking through us.


How long should I stay for?
In all cases a consultation is necessary before treatment can be undertaken. It is possible to fly in and out of Budapest on the same day for the initial consultation. The consultation at our clinic, Cosmodent, is free of charge and will inform you of the treatment options available, the exact cost, likely time scales (including healing time if necessary) and the number of visits that may be required.


Most patients prefer to come for the consultation and proceed with treatment on the same visit which usually involves a 4-5 day stay. Alternatively, once the consultation has taken place you can return at a later date to begin the next stage of your treatment.


What about the language barrier?
The dentists and support staff at our clinic speak English, German, Italian, French and Spanish as well as Hungarian.


What are the credentials of your dentists?
Hungarian dentists are renown throughout the world for their academic qualifications, expertise and clinical experience therefore their credentials are on a par with their western counterparts. All of our dentists are registered with the Hungarian Medical Chamber.


Who else goes to Hungary for their dental treatment?
Many thousands of Swiss people fly to Hungary for dental treatment in addition to 1 million Austrians every year. Between 80 and 120 patients a month from the UK and Eire now go to our clinic in Budapest for treatment. You may also meet patients from Denmark, Iceland, Germany or the Netherlands at the Clinic.


Where can I spend my free time?

Csano`s Esthetica will book a free 'Hop on Hop off City Tour' for you at reception.


I am missing several teeth do they each have to be replaced with a separate implants?

No. If you are missing several teeth they do not each have to be replaced with a separate implant. Although implants are artificial roots, one implant can be used to replace one or more teeth by attaching bridgework to the implant. Each patient's needs vary and the number of implants needed for any particular patient will be determined by a number of clinical factors.


I have a full denture, is it possible to replace this using implants?
Yes it is.

To restore one jaw (upper or lower) normally requires 6 implants followed by 12 units of bridgework at a later stage. While the treatment is in progress the patient can wear their dentures as normal.





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