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Suffer from tired eyes?

How to get rid of dark circles with the use of Dermal Fillers

The dreaded dark circles. You have done your make-up, your hair and have your best outfit on but the only thing you can focus on is those shadows underneath your eyes.

Your heart sinks – you look tired, drained – even ill! But don’t give up hope just yet! – We can treat those pesky dark circles with tear trough filler.

What causes dark circles?

When we say dark circles, what we are really referring to is dark shadows. The skin itself isn’t the problem it as it is not actually discoloured. The area in which a dark circle appears looks dark because of the way the light falls on the hollow areas under the eyes.

This occurs often due to genetics although it can also be a case of tear trough deformity which is when there’s naturally a deep groove between the lower eyelid and the upper cheek. Other causes are through fat loss and thinning of the skin over time, these can both leave you looking constantly tired, even if you are feeling the complete opposite.

In some cases the dark circles you think you have are not actually ‘dark circles’ in the technical sense but are instead discoloured areas. This is when there is darkness is the skin rather than a shadow. This is caused by pigmentation which generally tends to affect darker skin, however it can also be caused by problems with the nose or sinuses such as deviated septum or allergies. 

As long as your dark under eyes are caused by hollowness, rather than allergies or pigmentation, it can be treated very effectively with filler.

How does tear trough filler work? 

Tear trough filler is quite a simple treatment, though it needs an expert hand to get it right so make sure you do your research first when selecting your practitioner.

The area under the eyes is assessed before treatment and your nurse or doctor will advise you on whether this is an effective treatment for you.

Dermal filler gel is very carefully injected, either directly into the depression or just beneath it, to increase volume and plump up the area whilst smoothing the contours between eyes and cheeks.

You will notice an immediate improvement from the filler straight after treatment but remember that your final results will not be seen until any swelling has gone down.

How long does it last?

Tear trough filler can last up to a year or longer although this will depend on the filler used which can be discussed with your practitioner. 

What are the risks?

All treatments carry an element of risks so it is good practice to be aware of them before you decide to go ahead with treatment although they will also be discussed during your consultation.

Tear trough fillers risks and side effects are rare but they can include swelling, mild bruising and uneven or lumpy results.

Bruising and swelling will reduce in time, and any persistent lumpiness that you notice can be easily rectified with massage or, if necessary, with the use of hyaluronidase to dissolve the filler.

Does it hurt?

When it comes to having fillers you will generally have local anaesthetic cream applied to the areas before the treatment so although you may feel some mild pressure and movement the cream will make it virtually painless. 

How long does it take?

The time taken for treatment will vary between patient and practitioner. Usually patients are pleasantly surprised at how quick it is with some treatments taking as little 10 minutes. 

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