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Budapest Christmas Market 2018

Budapest is full of Christmas markets, which usually open around mid November and close at the end of December (December 31) each year.

The City in a Christmas Ball

City in a Christmas Ball by gilmur

The most beautiful, oldest and internationally acclaimed Budapest Christmas fair is the Christmas Market on Vorosmarty Square in the heart of the city (since 1998).

On Vorosmarty Square, or on the Advent Fair by the Basilica, or at the Christmas market on Fo square in Obuda, you will find beautiful quality handcrafts, made with passion, and love (but you will not find silly plastic key chains, gaudy belching Christmas T-shirts, or giant Santa Clauses).


Christmas Market Photo Gallery

The festive Christmas markets showcase young and old talents of Hungary, who really make their products with love, care, carrying on traditions of long years in glass blowing, knitting, wood carving, candle making, pottery, leather trade (belt making, bag making, shoe making, etc.), traditional Hungarian embroidery and lace work, etc. Don’t expect dazzling handicrafts, just nice and pleasant gifts, most of which make nice little presents, unassuming lovely gifts.

Budapest Christmas Markets – Traditional & Charming

What makes many of the Christmas markets really enticing and outstanding in Budapest is that there is a real focus on trying to preserve authentic Hungarian folk art, traditions and offer really good quality handcrafts rather than commercialized kitchy Christmas gifts.

Time Travel – Away from Commercial Showiness

So the Xmas fairs in Budapest are more about buying little hand made gifts, drinking mulled wines, nibbling Hungarian pastries (like the chimney shaped cylindrical ‘Kurtos kalacs’), eating traditional street foods (sausages, snacks, roast chestnut, etc.), and having fun by meeting, mingling, chatting and listening to the nice Christmas concerts on the stages of the markets.


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